How did Nepal Pride Parade 2021 rolled on(line)

The banner of Nepal Pride Parade

Amidst the rise of the second wave COVID-19 pandemic, the Third Annual Nepal Pride Parade took place virtually. This is the second pride that took place virtually, following the first virtual pride in 2020.



The morning began with posting of videos by amazing folks. People expressed what Pride was for themselves and presented as a form of video.

Tweetathon & Instathon

A wide range of conversations happened over Twitter and Instagram from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Around five different topics were discussed with five languages and wide engagements.

The five topics were as follows:

  1. We are starting the tweetathon. What do you wanna talk about today?
  2. How are you feeling today? What do you feel about pride in the mids of the pandemic?
  3. What have you been upto during this year’s pride month? How do you feel about it?
  4. What is your plan for the rest of the pride month.
  5. If the pandemic settles down and we could march on the street next year for pride, what are your recommendations and suggestions?

Video Screening

A glimpse of video screening

From 1 pm to 3 pm, we had various short movies and music videos played on queer themes. Some of the videos we screened are :-

  1. GAURAV – Nepali Short Video
  2. In a heart beat
  3. Ustai Chha (Anjali Lama)
  4. Naya Asha
  5. Hataridai Batasidai
  6. Asexual Story

We also screened videos from the past year’s Nepal Pride Parade.

  1. 2019 First Nepal Pride Parade (Clip 1)
  2. 2019 First Nepal Pride Parade (Clip 2)
  3. What is Pride for you? (2020 Second Nepal Pride Parade)
  4. Pride in one word. (2020 Second Nepal Pride Parade)
  5. Message for your younger self. (2020 Second Nepal Pride Parade)
  6. Any message for pride. (2020 Second Nepal Pride Parade)

Networking event

Doodling on ZOOM’s white board

From 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, we had the Networking event. There were around 50 participants. Everyone introduced themselves, the work they do and their hobbies. Everyone had to introduce their names along with an adjective that begins with the alphabet of their initials (for instance : Romantic Rukshana, Marvelous Manoj, Amazing Aadesh, etc.) The networking event was vibrant and interactive.

While closing the session, we used the ZOOM white board to doodle and draw anything we wanted to express.

Dance Party

From 5 pm to 6 pm, we had a virtual dance party. People requested for songs in the ZOOM chat box. The song was played and we all grabbed our own drinks and shake our bodies.


The Kathmandu Post made a coverage on the event: Nepal Pride Parade 2021 to be celebrated virtually.

We all hope that the coming year, we will be able to march on the streets for Fourth Annual Nepal Pride Parade.

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