Public Statement 2019

Public Statement
16 June 2019

Queer Youth Group through this statement would like to inform on everyone that on June 29, 10 am in the morning we are gathering at Fibwa-Khya (aka Maitighar Mandala) for Nepal Pride Parade. Gathering at Fibwa Khya (Maitighar Mandala) we will rally down to Khunthoo (New Baneshor).

Pride Parades are outdoor events celebrating social and self acceptance, achievements, legal rights and pride of Queer / MOGAI people. Pride Parades are not only about celebration of diverse sex, gender identities and sexual orientations but also a struggle for our rights. The month of June is also known as the Pride Month. Around the world, many countries observe Pride Parade on this same month. In those societies which only accept two sexes, have only space for two binary gender identities, and believe that only opposite gender attraction is normal, Pride Parade is to be able to celebrate that sex, gender and sexual orientation are diverse

Pride Parade began in 1969 with Stonewall Riots, a protest at Stonewall in the New York City of the US. Celebration of Pride Parades have marked off achievements in rights of Queer / MOGAI people. While Nepal observes different queer events around the year, this is the first Pride Parade that is not just being celebrated in the Pride Month, but also led by young people below the age of 25.

Our theme this year is: “Inclusion of queer (gender and sexual minorities) at all levels of state and decision making process”. Despite inclusion of queer (gender and sexual minorities) in the constitution, the inclusion isn’t reflected in any organs or bodies of the state. Since we are not included in any decision making processes due to which the acts, laws, rules and regulations being formulated do not address our voices or include our necessities. That is why we are raising our voices for inclusion at decision making levels.

Queer Youth Group is a non-registered affiliation of young activists who identify with the diverse identities of queer (gender and sexual minorities). We began since 2019. Based on our three fundamental principles, i.e. Gender and Sexuality as a diverse spectrum, Intersectional lens, Diversity Approach, we advocate for the rights of queer people and advance awareness among people.

Founding Members:
Deepsh Shrestha, Rukshana Kapali, Safal Lama

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