Welcome to the website of Nepal Pride Parade. This is the first ever Pride Parade organized in Nepal. We begun from 2019. Queer Youth Group and Queer Rights Collective collaborated to make this historical moment possible.

While there were different LGBTI themed public observations and parades, a Pride Parade had never been organized and therefore we joined efforts to mark the International Pride Month June and organized our First Pride Parade on 29th of the month, a day after the 50th anniversary of Stonewall Riot.

Since then, the second saturday of the month June was declared as a Pride Day in Nepal.

This Pride Parade is :

  1. Is the first Pride Parade in the country. While several other queer themed events and parades have been organized, this is the first pride parade per se.
  2. Is completely youth led. Led by people below the age of 25. We are not a youth caucus or youth department of non-youth led organizations.
  3. Is self-funded. We do not take funds from corporate or any international donors for the pride parade.
  4. Is beyond “LGBT”. We use the umbrella term “Queer” and “MOGAI” to refer anyone who falls under the spectrum of sex characteristics, gender identity and sexual orientation that is beyond the socially accepted norms. In 2019, we had banners written in English and Nepali that featured around 20 terminologies on gender and sexual identity.
  5. Intersectionality is our core value.
  6. We have a sign language interpreter since 2020 and we make sure our parade venue are accessible to people with disabilities.
  7. We are multi-lingual, multi-cultural and diverse. In the Pride Parade of 2019, we re-claimed the native name of the venue we started from ( Maitighar Mandala’s native name ‘Fibwa-Khya’) and we shall respect the indigenous toponyms that have been erased out in the history. Our banners primarily printed English, Nepali, Nepal Bhasa and Tamang. We will keep on expanding and including.

This Pride parade is not :

  1. Is not “Gay Pride”, “LGBT Pride” or “Third Gender Rally”. These terminologies have taken domination in the media and therefore people have used these terms to report the pride parade of 2019. We are “Queer Pride Parade” or “MOGAI Pride Parade”. We also use “Gender and Sexual Minorities” as to align with the constitutional vocabulary. However, our preference is “Queer Pride Parade”. If you think this isn’t a popular term, you may put a small box beside the news to explain what ‘queer’ means, as it is a part of educating people. Just because the popular media does not use the term, does not mean you can mis-interpret. ( Check our Nepali or Nepal Bhasa about section for what to say in those languages ).
    This isn’t Gay Pride Parade because gay people are one of the various sexual identities in the queer spectrum and this term cannot represent the whole diversity. Same goes with third gender. Third gender is a gender identity that does fall into the queer umbrella but it does not represent the whole diversity. ‘LGBTI’ specifies five diversities as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex, and excludes many other diversities, as Genderqueer, Gender non-conforming, Asexual, Pansexual, etc.

We also have :

Hashtags for social media are : #NepalPrideParade #NPP(the year) : for example in year 2020 it is #NPP2020