Second Saturday of June to be Pride Day in Nepal

Respected everyone,

The organizing group of ‘Nepal Pride Parade’ or ‘Nepal Queer/MOGAI Pride Parade’ would like to inform everyone that we shall be organizing Pride Parade on second saturday of the month June every year.

While last year in 2019 for the first time in Nepal, the pride parade was organized on 29 June, the day after the 50th anniversary of Stone Wall riot ; from this year we have decided to organize it every second Saturday of June.

We came to this decision after we had a discussion on a suggestion we received. Pride Parade on Saturdays means that more people will be able to attend the event as it is a weekend holiday in Nepal. This also means that there will be lesser traffic congestion on the day. The suggestion to re-think a date was also with regards to the weather. While weather can never be predicted exactly, June 29 tends to fall in Mid-Asar (according to Bikrama Sambat calendar) which in the traditional knowledge is known to be the days that receive heaviest rain. Majority of the people on our social media polls voted for this change.

From 2020, Second Saturday of June is the Pride Day for Nepal.

The Second Saturday of June 2020 falls on 13 th of the month ( 31 Jestha 2077 B.S., Tachhala-gaa Astami 1140 N.S. ).

We invite you all for your encouraging participation.

Thank you !

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